October 4 commemorates The Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi who is well known for His generosity to the poor and love for animals and nature, also the Patron of our School’s Red House.

 This solemn day was celebrated at a prior date on26th September 2022 at the School Quadrangle which began ceremoniously with a Prayer Service and Dance. A short skit highlighting the Saint’s early life was enacted well by the Red House students, which was followed by a speech on the House Motto, ‘Charity with Propensity’. Then, began the celebration part comprising of various dance numbers. Our Principal, Sr. Juanita, in her speech encouraged students to be generous enough, in giving, caring and nurturing, alike the Saint. As a mark of gratitude and to emphasis on the Patron’s faith in Charity, the Red House presented a gift for the less-fortunate, evening school students. After the function, the Francians’ were taken to the School Sports Complex for games, prizes and refreshment. All in all, a jocund day for the Red House!