1. Every pupil must have a copy of this calendar which must be brought to school daily.
  2. Class Division once allotted at the beginning of the academic year will not be changed, under any circumstances.
  3. Every pupil must observe strict discipline in the school premises.
  1. English, being the primary language of the school should be spoken compulsorily for the overall development of the pupil.
  2. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed. When classes get over at the end of session, the pupils should move along the corridors to exit in due order and in silence.
  3. Do not throw any kind of rubbish on the ground or anywhere in the school premises. Writing scratching, engraving graffiti, glue stickers on walls, drawing, splashing ink or defacing school walls, furniture and property are offensive and strictly prohibited.
  4. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct in the school. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct in the school, on the part of pupils, will make them liable to disciplinary action.
  5. Any serious breach of discipline and above all discourtesy and disrespect to members of the school staff in any way will be treated severely.

    4. All pupils must be present for the morning assembly. Before every assembly; the first bell       will be freezing bell for perfect silence in the school building.At the second bell pupils must       line up for the assembly and the third bell indicate beginning of assembly. 

   5. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings.

   6. Pupils must not bring any kind of electronic gadgets & valuables (mobile/cell phones, iPad,           camera, audio/video recorders/players, costly ornaments, watches, money etc.) with them to        school. If brought after attaining permission from the Principal it must be handed over in the                Administration Office before assembly and taken back before leaving the school.

  7. Pupils are responsible for appropriate use of school property like the building, furnitures,                      computers, library, Science Laboratory equipments, toilet fittings, Digital class boards, CCTV                cameras, Fire extinguishers, etc. Any loss or damage to school property done deliberately, may              require reimbursement from the class/individual pupil.

  8. Every pupil must endeavour to keep up the high moral to keep up the high moral of the school.

  9. Pupils are forbidden to take part in any political or any other organization likely to result in                    violence or communal disturbance.

 10. Pupils are strictly prohibited from driving any private vehicle to school.

 11. Gifts or token to the staff is not permitted.

12. Transaction and collection of money or material for any purpose whatsoever, requires the prior              permission of the Principal.

13. No party or picnic or excursion may be held without the prior permission of the Principal.

   Suggestions to the Students: 

1.  Do the homework assigned to you at the proper time.

2. Keep your textbooks, notebooks and school calendar neat and tidy. Your notebooks should be duly          completed with up-to-date index and get stamp and signed by the respective teacher before the          exam.

3. Personal grooming: 

a. Personal cleanliness is expected from all.

b. For girls: Jewellery, lipstick, nail polish, kajal, etc. are not allowed.

    For boys: long side buns are not allowed.

c. Unkempt hair, fancy haircuts, artificial colouring of hair and application of gel, body tattoo, bangles,      kada or rings will not be allowed.


Students must come to School in clean and neatly ironed uniform every day as per the colour and pattern prescribed by the school, even on birthdays.


Black velcro shoes, pink socks and hooded sweater (for winter) are a part of the uniform.

Black Velcro shoes, white socks and blazer (for winter) are a part of the uniform.

Std. I to X

Tie, Belt,Black Action campus shoes, blazers (for winter) are a part of the uniform.

PT Uniform to be worn on all Wednesdays. 

Std. XI and XII:

Students are required to compulsorily wear black Action Campus shoes, white sock, shirt trousers and waist coat as the part of the uniform.

For Girls

White slips, Plain cotton bloomers or tights (knee length) to be worn compulsorily underneath the uniform.

For Boys

White vest to be worn compulsorily underneath the shirts.


Hair must be worn in a neat style.

For Girls:

2 plaits to be tied with black ribbons and simple black clips. No hair bands or hair rubber bands are allowed. For long hair, the pair of plaits should be doubled / folded and tied high. For short hair, two ponies should be tied.

For Boys

only crew cut. No fancy hair style is allowed.

Nails must be trimmed regularly.

Shoes must be polished and tidy.

Stud earrings should be small and inexpensive (School is not responsible for the loss of your stud earrings). Unkempt hair, fancy haircuts, artificial colouring of hair and application of gel, body tattoos, watches, chains, bangles, anklets, finger rings, nail polish, lipstick etc. are not allowed during school hours.


1) You, the parents, are the real educators of your children. Queen of Angels’ Convent School is just a guide, playing a secondary role in this matter. Please therefore, involve yourself with your child’s work and give us a hand to run the school better.

2) We believe that, only skill and talents can eradicate ignorance & poverty from our country. Skill and talents can be obtained by dedicated hard work.

3) Discipline is the defining power by which talent becomes ability. Kindly inculcate discipline in your child’s day to day routine.

4) Kindly see your ward reach the school in time, before 7 am for the Morning Assembly.

5) You should willingly co-operate with the school authorities by permitting your ward to participate in the school co-curricular activities.

6) The engagement of private tutors may prove harmful to real progress of your child and should not be made without consulting the Principal. You should refrain from engaging school staff as private tutors.

7) i) Parents have no access to class rooms or the staff room. You may interact with the teachers with prior permission of the Principal only in case of emergency.

    ii) Parents-Teachers' Interaction will be held every first Saturday for Nursery and K.G. and every    second Saturday for Std I to Std. XII.

8) Any written (requests, complaints, suggestions, etc.) made by the parents to the school should be addressed to the Principal. The matter should be clearly stated and signed. When communicating, Parents are requested to mention in their letter the name, GR No. and standard/section of your ward.

9) Report cards must be duly signed and shown to the class teacher.

10) You are requested to notify the school in writing of any change in their address / telephone number without delay so that records can be maintained correctly.

11) Kindly note your wards attendance is being sent to the department online everyday hence you are requested to send your wards regularly to school.

Under unavoidable circumstances, they will be granted leave on request. Regular attendance is mandatory to receive the award for Academic Excellence.

12) If your ward suffers from any medical history kindly meet and inform the Principal with the medical file.

13) Pupils suffering from contagious or infectious disease will not be permitted to attend the School/exams.

14) No pupil will be excused from Physical Exercise without a medical certificate.

15) PTM (Parents-Teachers Meeting) is compulsory for the ward’s parents only, to discuss his/her performance and progress. Kindly note that the relative or tuition teacher of the child is not permitted to attend the PTM.

16) You are requested to check daily your ward’s school diary for homework, assignments, remarks (if more than 3 remarks parents are requested to meet the principal next day) etc. The remarks columns must be signed promptly. (Page no 76 to 80)

17) The usage of Mobile Phones should be strictly monitored at home to avoid misuse of internet access in the pretext of School Project. Also, ensure that your ward does not bring Mobile Phones to school. If found so, the handset will be confiscated by the authority.

18) Encourage, co-operate and motivate your child/ward to take a balanced interest in studies, co-curricular and sports activities in school to ensure their overall development.

19) The School does not provide any transport facilities and hence has no administrative control over the owners of the vehicles which carry students to and fro the school. For the safety of our students, we request Parents to ensure that their wards commute to school in vehicles that conform to safety norms.

20)  Attendance

i) Attendance on the first working day after the holidays and last working day before the holidays is compulsory. Absence on these days without prior written intimation (mere informing will not suffice) renders the pupils liable to be struck off the rolls. No telephonic intimation will be entertained.

ii) Attendance at official school functions like National Days, Sports Day, Parents' Day, etc. is compulsory.

iii) Pupils with irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, malpractice in connection with examination or conduct otherwise injurious to the moral tone of the school will be dismissed.

 iv)Prior written permission must be compulsorily taken from the Principal in order to avail consecutive 15 days leave, failing of which your  ward's  name  will  be  removed  from  the  Class Attendance Register.

20) Attendance

i)Parents should use the 'Absence Record' column in the school diary for written leave notes, if the pupil is absent.

ii) A pupil who has remained absent from school for 3 consecutive school days without prior permission shall be admitted into the class only with the permission of the Principal.

iii) In case of sickness, the school authorities must be notified and a Medical Certificate must be produced.

iv) If a pupil has to leave the school premises during the school hours, he/she must get the relevant column in the calendar filled and signed by their Class Teacher and the Principal.

v) In case of emergency a child will be sent home with the guardian, only after submitting an authority letter/written request by the parent.

vi) Pupils must have a minimum attendance of 85% to appear in the examination.

vii) Pupils absent from an examination for any reason whatsoever will be marked 'Absent'; and excludes the pupil from being reckoned in the order of merit or rank in the examination.

21) It is understood that you entrust Sr. Principal with authority to correct & Improve with discretion. I have read the above rules & regulations / suggestions / recommendations of the school and agree to abide by them.